Sunday, 21 September 2014


Fields of Vision / Power Computing Limited
Uses: Joy2Key2 by Lorence Lombardo, nvfile by Earok
Cover and control screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The third and last of our AGA first person shooters (except for ones included in compilations etc), Breathless is one of the more impressive attempts to bring a Doom-like experience to the Amiga.

The game is a little clunky on the default display setting and silky smooth on the smallest - you'll want to experiment until you find a happy medium. Of course you'll get a much better experience if you play on an expanded CD32.

Keyboard is not required but definitely recommended, the game relies on a password-save system and you may find our joypad setup difficult to manage (a second controller is needed to change weapons etc, also you might find the keyboard to be more responsive).

For the sake of completeness, we've chucked in the demo too, featuring an exclusive (but really hard!) level.

Control screen

25th October 2014 UPDATE! Version 1.1 contains the following fixes and features:
  • You can now get past "yes/no" prompt on joypad alone (thanks iXien)
  • Uses version 1.1 of the Breathless engine, with framerate increases and other fixes
  • The ability to save the game! If you quit the game through the main menu, you'll be notified if your current progress in the game has saved successfully. 11 free blocks of NVRAM required for this feature.
You can also save your configuration (resolution etc) but you must choose "save configuration" in the "game options" menu and then quit.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 28th May 2015, now with title screen music)


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