Monday, 22 September 2014

Football Glory

Uses: Cracks by Paradox, Loons and Earok
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The very first game by the legendary Croteam (Serious Sam), Football Glory is a shameless Sensi clone that nonetheless manages to be pretty decent. The game has a quirky sense of humour too (eg the opposing team will slag you off for scoring an own-goal and occasionally there's streakers).

While the copy protection screen had already been cracked in the version I used, I had to do a couple more hacks myself in order to skip the screen entirely (otherwise you would have needed a keyboard just to get past this screen).

I'm unsure if Football Glory was ever originally intended for a CD32 release, but curiously it did receive a review in CD32 Gamer.

Asides from the AGA version of the game we've chucked in a few bonuses for good measure:
- The A500 version.
- "Five a Side Soccer", the sequel to Football Glory that was originally known as "Football Glory Indoor".
- "Football Glory Indoor AGA" preview, I'm unsure if the AGA version was ever finished (I can't find any AGA copies of Five a Side) so we've included the preview edition here.

Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 28th May 2015, now with select screen music)

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