Friday, 19 September 2014

Nemac IV: The Director's Cut

Uses: Joy2Key2 by Lorence Lombardo
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

After Alien Breed 3D II, this is the second of three AGA First Person Shooters we've done. Like the previous game, it was bit of a nightmare to get to run due to difficulties loading from CD. A very different first person shooter, what makes it unique is not only do you have your full weapon load out right from the start, but there's no weapon selection - each weapon has it's own key, and you can fire them simultaneously.

Unfortunately, this game runs slowly on a stock console. In theory the "WriteChunkyPixels" option that you get at the launch menu should make the game run smoother (as the WriteChunkyPixels function is hardware accelerated on CD32) but it leads to a weird double buffering issue that makes the game virtually unplayable. If you work out a way to get the game to run faster on a stock CD32 - we'd love to hear from you!

Since the game is OS friendly, we've been able to map commands to joypad to make it playable without a keyboard. The keyboard commands are displayed on the command line as the game loads.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 26th May 2015, now with fixed audio, easier to tweak settings and includes save files for all 40 levels!)


  1. Awesome!

    Another title that might of interest is the beta of Diggers 2: Extractors that was released some years ago for Amiga. it was officially released on PC and contains a tiny tiny fmv that could be added to the amiga beta.

  2. Thanks, I knew that Diggers 2 was unreleased but didn't know there was a beta out there, I'll keep that in mind.

  3. How about these to keep in mind (it's near the end of the Sept month & I'm not sure if you're going to release these). A CD32 Defender of the Crown I & II Collectors Edition ;) ;) And a CD32 It Came From The Desert I & II Collectors Edition ;) ;) These would be simply smashing awesome for the CD32!!! :) Some FMV footage if available.

  4. There's no Cinemaware games coming this month, but maybe we'll have something in the future ;)