Monday, 15 September 2014

Xtreme Racing

Siltunna / Black Magic
Uses: 3rd party tracks by various authors
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok
Enhancements: CD32 optimised controls (use shoulder buttons to accelerate and break)

The second of three AGA racing games we're launching, and the third unreleased game we've done after Flight of the Amazon Queen and Rally Championships. It's a great Mario Kart clone, and we've chucked in a huge number of third party tracks sourced from around Aminet. There's about 150 tracks all up!

Getting this to boot reliably was bit of a pain, I must have gone through a dozen CDs before I came up with a method that allowed it to boot almost every time. As strange as it sounds, I found that opening an AGA IFF file beforehand (with picboot) seemed to make it work much more reliably.

I tried to hack this so it could run in a non-dithered mode on a stock CD32, but with no success. If anyone ever works out how to do this, I'd love to hear from you.

There's also a very early demo of the game included as a bonus. Unfortunately I couldn't get this to work on a real CD32 (it won't let me get past the menu screen - not an issue on WinUAE) but it might be possible to start the demo with a keyboard.

DOWNLOAD (Virus cleaned 23rd May 2015 with select screen music)


  1. I just want to say that these ports are awesome and keep up the good work!. I hope one day we'll see on Escapee on the CD32, maybe you can reskin Flashback with it ha ha (just kidding ;))

  2. Thanks, I appreciate it :)

    OnEscapee would be awesome, if and when a new FastRAM expansion comes out, we'll try converting that one.

    Though hacking Flashback sounds like an intriguing idea ;)

  3. Cant seem to download this, when you click on the download link it says "Starting" but wont go any further, any ideas?

  4. Sorry I don't, MEGA sometimes goes down so it might be worth trying the link again. Also definitely try using another browser if that doesn't work, I personally use Chrome with the site.

  5. hope to see the duel test drive 2 on cd-32 someday

    1. It's perhaps a little hard to find but Mombasajoe's CD32 collection includes Test Drive 2 and all of the expansions, including a "German" expansion he made himself.