Friday, 3 October 2014

Encore #4: Shadow of the Beast Trilogy

Psygnosis / Reflections / Traveller's Tales
Uses: Whdload by Wepl, JST by JF Fabre, slaves as outlined below
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Another one by popular demand. Everything but the Kitchen Sink in this one!
  • Shadow of the Beast (Slave: Harry & JOTD)
  • Shadow of the Beast 2 (Keyboard definitely required! Slave: Mr.Larmer & CFOU!)
  • Shadow of the Beast 3 (JST Loader: JF Fabre)
  • Bonus game: Leander (Slave: JOTD)
  • Trailer for the upcoming Playstation 4 Reboot as the intro
  • Shadow of the Beast PC Engine / Turbo Grafix intro
  • Shadow of the Beast FM Towns intro
  • Shadow of the Beast 2 FM Towns intro
  • Shadow of the Beast 2 game over screen viewer (pic + music)
  • Selection screen MOD music - containing the soundtracks for all three games
  • Jukebox mode plays the complete CD quality soundtrack to Shadow of the Beast PC Engine / Turbo Grafix (this will freeze your console - you'll need to restart to get out of this mode)
Selection screen

CDXL intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 31st May 2015)

That's our last encore! I promise ;) you'll hear more from us in a couple of weeks once we've taken a breather and are ready to post some guest entries. Let us know what you'd like to see in future.


  1. great!!!....after your deserved break I'll be here to wait for your fabulous works....!!..maybe some action games compilation including Terminator, Rambo and even better releases....who guesses?...
    Thanks actually!!

  2. i wan´t to spend you 2gb webspace for your dl´s for this great work, contact me at fingus *

  3. In the future I would like to see Ork, Killing Game Show, Air Support, Aquaventura, Hired Guns, Captain Fizz and Theatre of Death :P

  4. Good day, i just wanted to thank you all for the effort, you are doing a great job. I leave you some difficult challenges, but i am sure you will overcome them: Goal (with substitutions and zoom in/out cd32 bottons), Adventures of Robin Hood ("1" to choose English in the start), strider 2, Pinball Dreams (cd32 pad), North & South (change army in cd32 pad), killerball, murder, hostages, Rockstar ate my hamster (any key and enter to choose names is game), after the war, star control, terramex, lost patrol, conan the cimmerian, nuclear war, microprose soccer, oil imperium,... i´m a walking Amiga library :P Thank you and always believe.

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  6. Hi there.
    Erik, as usual i should congrat you for this great work, however i'm experiencing problems with this title.

    I'm using the Paul Willingham's PSX adapter, and what happens is that the red button option autostarts just in the moment the selection menu shows up. No time to choose. It's instantly selected.

    I've been experiencing the same issue with other titles. Mouse controlled ones. So i only needed to do what you adviced. PSX (mouse emulation mode) pad in port 2, and regular CD32 pad in port 1.

    I avoided the game to autostart. Well done.
    However it seems this SOTB Collection issue can't be solved that way.
    (My regular CD32 pad has a broken D-Pad and i only can use it as menu selector, i NEED to use the PSX adapter to play, and SOTB is not a mouse controlled title)

    It seems the PSX adapter gives a wrong signal or something, but only with several titles in the list... This is the only one (not mouse controlled) i've found so far, any idea about what could be happening here? Anyone experiencing this problem too?

    P.D. A CD32 pad controlled pinball compilation would be awesome.
    I'm missing some kind of RPG compilation... I guess it would be difficult to put LIberation and Whale's Voyage toghether, but there are interesting titles that could form part of a compilation. Speris Legacy, Darkmere, ShadowLands, ShadowWorlds, Perihelion... And Rise of the Dragon, this one could be "mixed" with the tracks and intros of the MegaCD version i guess.

    Finally, what about those Eye of the Beholder ports from PC that came to light a couple of years before? A nice cave crawler RPG cd could be done incluiding these titles.


  7. I'm not sure you create wonderful isos for CD32 to see this kind of thing happen :-/

    Shame on this guy that sell the free work of others!