Thursday, 6 November 2014

Guest Release #4: Tiny Troops

CD label, cover and backing: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Perhaps ironically, there are precious few Real Time Strategy games on Amiga even though it spawned the genre with Dune II.

Tiny Troops - released well after the Amiga was past it's prime - is one of those few and is Cobe's third guest release. Playing as one of two miniature Alien races, you attempt to annihilate the other one across multiple "planets" (which appear to be different areas in a home). A feature that this game contains that's certainly very rare in the genre is the ability to play two player split screen, too.

With this release, you can also preserve your saved games in NVRam. Detailed instructions are included but essentially all you need to do is quit from the main menu after saving as usual in the game.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 25th May 2015, it's also been updated to be much easier to play without a mouse)


  1. Excellent job usual!!!...would it be possible to have a "sports Compilation" with the best like Fifa etc...Tennis, Boxing, Basketball and so on....?
    Many thanks

  2. Haven't got anything planned at the moment though I've wanted to do an "EA Sports" compilation at some point (FIFA, Madden, PGA etc). I'll keep it in mind, thanks.

  3. Thanks a lot for those who make CD32 joypad or NVRAM support for games like this! These mods are the real essence of CD32 ports! Great job!

  4. sure mate....the Ea sports compilation is an excellent idea....hope you'll create it in the next future...I'd be happy!!!

  5. First of all, exellent work to all who made this possible. This is like a dream come true :)
    I just found out about this project by accident while looking for a capacitor replacing guide.
    And man, am i glad i did :)

    Any chance there will be a Second Samurai AGA stand alone port in the near future?

  6. I thought Stonkers (1983) was the first. At least it's earlier than Dune II.

  7. Apologies for the slack response!

    @GoldArmour thanks! Unfortunately it's unlikely. AGA floppy disk games are very difficult to get to run on the CD32 (there's a WHDLoad slave but it requires more than 2mb memory). Additionally, even if we were to do an ECS port, you'd still need spacebar to access the inventory.

    @Giuseppe haha maybe! We've got other games that are basically ready (well, Cobe and Scorpion do but I've been too slack to make the posts lately).

    @Staffan yes, you're right. Dune II wasn't the earliest RTS game by a long stretch so the blog post isn't strictly accurate, though it defined many of the genre conventions, same as what Wolfenstein 3D did for the FPS genre.

  8. I've tried it but I've had a few issues getting it to work. I'd only do it if I could do it justice by adding CD32 pad support.

  9. Too bad about second samurai. Loved to play this game on the cd32. There was a version in the works for the system but never materialised. probably because of the failing amiga market. Which is a real shame really... How about First Samurai Then...? ;)

    keep up the good work, i'm loving it so far :)