Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Motörhead (RIP Lemmy) [Cobe]

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slave by Codetapper
ISO Master and CDXL conversion: Cobe
Button 2 hack: Earok

We're very saddened to hear of the passing of Lemmy, the lead singer for legendary heavy metal band Motörhead. For quite some time, Cobe has had a conversion of the Amiga game based on his persona waiting in the wings, and so we thought we'd release it now as a tribute.

The original game notably lacked any actual Motörhead songs in the sound track, due to licencing issues. Thanks to Cobe, our release features the music video to "Ace of Spades" as the intro video. Controls are identical to the original, except blue button activates the superpower move rather than space.

Friday, 25 December 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

EDIT: The community collection has been updated further since we made this Christmas Post.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

The Amiga Community have delivered some big presents this year. First and foremost, WHDLoad is now freeware, and we're all hugely grateful to Wepl for it. What this potentially means for us is that - since we're no longer limited to the CD32 edition of WHDLoad - we can support Fast RAM equipped CD32s with our future releases or re-releases.

Secondly, one of the very few commercial CD32 games to be released lately, Viddi's Tales of Gorluth, is also now freeware! If you haven't already I strongly urge you to look into preordering the sequel. I doubt we'll ever see a CD32 release of the original game due to the memory requirements, but I'll certainly look into it.

Thirdly, Kev McG has posted a bunch of Sci-Fi themed worms levels in the Commodore Amiga Facebook group. Will they ever be included as part of our releases? Quite possibly ;)

But finally, there's a three pack of Christmas releases from us.

1: From Psygore, another "secret" CD32 release of an AGA Platformer. Cover and controls screen by Steve, CDXL conversion by Earok. There's already a jewel-case formatted cover for this on the CD32 covers blog.

2: From Galahad, the beta CD32 release of the high quality PD platformer Solid Gold. Since this is a beta, please do not distribute separately as it'll eventually be replaced by a full blown release.

3: From the wider CD32 community: 101 games and demos in the 2015 CD32 Amiga Community Compilation. Except for Nittamituaki Elves' Dreamland (a last minute addition), all of them are represented in screenshots below. As you can see there's a huge variety of unreleased commercial games, full PD games, demos of upcoming releases, demoscene productions, Atari ST ports, Gloom mods and more.

(All of these have been tested under an emulated environment, not all of them have been tested on a real CD32. Let me know if there are any problems).

Saturday, 5 December 2015

It's a Knockout! 2015-2016

An Amiga "World Cup" of sorts is being run through the English Amiga Board and Lemon Amiga, involving five games where high scores are chased over several weeks until an ultimate winner emerges.

When we heard about this we decided to whip together a quick compilation for CD32 owners. Qualifying round ends on the 12th of December at 12:59 GMT, so make sure you've posted your SWIV score by then (see links above).

This tentatively has approval as an official means to enter the contest, but we'll post here again if for any reason we've had to pull the ISO.
  • The Qualifying Round: SWIV (Slave: Mr Larmer, Harry and Psygore)
  • The Group Round: Lotus III (CD32 trilogy included)
  • The Quarter Finals: SWOS 96-97 (JST Slave: JOTD)
  • The Semi Finals: F1-GP (This is the official EAB/Lemon contest version, albeit with a copy protection crack. Use green or yellow to type in at the password screen, and then red to press enter. Note a keyboard is strongly recommended, especially for turning down the level of detail with ALT+D for a faster framerate).
  • The Grand Finals: The Giana Sisters (Slave: Harry and Psygore)

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Putty Squad (plus awesome secret bonus!)

System 3
CD32 conversion featuring code by Psygore, Galahad and Codetapper
Cover + Control Screens: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

What a day for modern CD32 gamers!

Putty Squad is a fantastic and highly unique platformer with a one-of-a-kind history behind it. Developed for PC, Amiga, Mega Drive and SNES, the SNES was the only platform it saw a commercial release for until, decades later, it became a launch title for the PS4!

The Amiga version eventually did see a release to the public, thanks to System 3 for allowing a release and Galahad for volunteering the time, effort and skillset required to master it. However, CD32 owners were clamouring for a release of their own, which comes to you today thanks to Psygore.

Not only does the game now load on a stock CD32, but it also features a CD32 specific control scheme, trainers and high score saving to NVRAM to boot! (16 free blocks required).

BUT WAIT, there's more!

Psygore has also ported another one of John Twiddy's highly well received AGA titles to CD32, which has also received the same love and attention with CD32 specific controls and trainers, as well as our own cover, CDXL converted intro (our first AGA one) and control screen. Some of you would have already worked out the specific title already, but we won't be posting the name of it here and please don't refer to it by name in the comments - it's a secret and a surprise waiting for you in the download ;)

DOWNLOAD (Putty Squad, awesome bonus and two covers)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Klok's two game pack

Two more releases by Kloks. As before, the high resolution covers are in the download.
  • Marble Madness (Slave: JOTD)
  • Micro Machines (Slave: JOTD)
(update: I've been advised the Marble Madness cover is unfinished. We'll post the new cover as soon as it's available)

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Rise of the Robots: Special Edition

Cover: Steve
ISO Master and tweaks: Earok

Rise of the Robots was one of the largest let downs in the gaming history - massively hyped and massively underwhelming. The Amiga version in particular was a disappointment, earning a scathing 5% from Amiga Power. Despite that, it has a surprising number of cult fans (myself included) and for them I present our "Special Edition" with numerous tweaks and fixes - several of them directly resolving issues that were raised in that review.
  • Beginner-Medium difficulty fix: Blocked blows do no damage to either player. This resolves the issue where you can get through most of the game by holding UP+RIGHT+FIRE, and as a consequence makes the game much more challenging.
  • Hard difficulty fix: Any non-blocked blow, regardless of how weak it is, does at least some damage.
  • Mirror match: The red cyborg is now the first enemy you face.
  • Once only: You don't need to face all regular opponents a second time before you face Supervisor.
  • Supervisor: Now available in both training and two player modes.
  • Military vs Military bout: The one and only way to fight without the Cyborg can be triggered from the main menu with the blue button.
  • CDXL intro: An extended 3 minute intro scene featuring the attract sequence from the arcade version.
  • New or adjusted backgrounds: Four of the seven backgrounds have been tweaked, or replaced entirely - including one adapted from the sequel.
  • Adjusted death screens: Some other ports had animated death sequences, so I've included some of the additional frames on the static death screens for Sentry and Supervisor. The additional frames come from the SNES and DOS versions, respectively.
  • Shadows: Turned on by default.
  • Misc: Tweaks to the intro text.

Sunday, 30 August 2015

Rebuild complete!

It's been a long time coming, but each and every one of our releases has been virus scanned, fixed and for the most part, updated. Nearly all of them have been enhanced in one way or another, including:
  • Save game packs
  • Ability to save games or scores
  • Gamepad support (on some titles where a mouse was previously a requirement)
  • Menu music
  • Additional 3rd party levels
  • Additional languages
  • Additional bonus games
  • Optional OCS versions
The complete list of fixes can be found here.

Now we can get back to focusing fully on our regular releases! Some special things are planned over the next month or two. Stay tuned!

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Cobe Pack: Final Odyssey / The Strangers + Bonus [Keyboard required]

Games originally published by Vulcan software. All ISO masters and CDXL conversions by Cobe.

Two flashy looking Vulcan games from late in the Amiga's life "Final Odyssey" and "The Strangers", together on one disc. Unfortunately they're both sadly keyboard required - easiest thing to do is to order a Lyra 3 adapter and find an old PS/2 keyboard, or to just play on WinUAE.

Covers are included in the download, and it's also bundled with two existing CD32 titles - Litil Divil and Flink, but with intros from the Philips CD-I and Sega / Mega CD versions of the games respectively (these do not include the CDDA files for either game, you may want to source the originals and burn the Cue files but with these versions substituted in).

Flink CDXL Intro

 Litil Divil CDXL Intro

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mutant League Hockey

Ocean / EA (Cracked and mastered by Galahad/Scoopex)
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

21 years late. Better than never!

Mutant League Hockey was a popular Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game back in 1994. Along with it's cousin Mutant League Football, it inspired a cartoon series that ran for two seasons. As the name implies it's much sillier than most Hockey games, and the gameplay revolves as much around violently attacking the opposing team as it does scoring goals.

An AGA Amiga port was almost completed (with unconfirmed speculation about a CD32 release), however despite extensive coverage by the gaming press at the time it was never released.

Thankfully, the files from the project were supplied to Galahad who in turn finished the game and released it to all of us. Some more of the history (as well as alternative ADF downloads if you intend to play from an Amiga 1200) can be found on Indie Retro News' launch post about the release.


Monday, 10 August 2015

Guest release: Kloks' Megapack: Volume 1

EAB user Kloks has generously donated a series of seven standalone, bonus free CD32 conversions.
  • Aunt Arctic Adventure (Midware, WHDLoad slave by Bored Seal)
  • Duck Tales (Disney)
  • Jumping Jack Son (Infogrames, WHDLoad slave by Harry)
  • Nebulus (Hewson, WHDLoad slave by Wepl)
  • Ninja Warriors (Sales Curve, WHDLoad slave by Mr.Larmer and CFOU!)
  • Prince of Persia (Jordan Mechner and Br0derbund, slave by JOTD)
  • Toki (Ocean, WHDLoad slave by Mr.Larmer, JOTD and Stingray)
Rather than release them one at a time, we've decided to spring all of them at once.

High resolution covers are in the pack, all of them are by Kloks based on Steve's DVD case design (although we've chucked in Steve's own Prince of Persia cover as an optional alternative too).

The ISOs themselves were all created by Kloks, with the sole exception of Duck Tales.


Sunday, 28 June 2015

Instant CD32 for Windows

I'm going to be away in Europe for the next three weeks, so there's not likely to be any updates in that time period. (Incidentally, if there's someone in the UK who can let me crash on their couch for a night or two between the 6th and 9th of July, that'd be hugely appreciated)

But I've got one last treat to share, I'm aware that a lot of people struggle with Amiga emulation so I decided to slap together a copy of FS-UAE (A gamer friendly fork of WinUAE) with a couple of batch scripts for making it super simple to play a CD32 game on Windows.
  • As outlined below, just drag the ISO, CUE or ZIP files (such as those from the site) on to the batch scripts.
  • You still need to source your own Kickstart Roms (from Amiga Forever or the like)
  • In theory it should be Pen Drive friendly.
  • Although you can play with a keyboard, Xbox 360 controller or similar is recommended and automatically detected by FS-UAE.
If you intend to do a lot of CD32 gaming on Windows, I strongly recommend doing a full blown install of FS-UAE with the launcher and arcade programs. They're a fantastic way to set up media-center like emulation environment.

  1. Copy CD32 Kickstart Roms from Amiga Forever into FS-UAE/kickstarts
  2. Drag ISO, CUE or BIN of the game you want to run on to either:
cd32.bat <- Stock CD32 configuration, recommended for most 2D games
cd32 turbo.bat <- Fast CD32 configuration, recommended for most 3D games (most unofficial ports using WHDLoad will not work with this)

(Alternatively, if you don't drag a file on to the folder, it'll boot the standard CD32 menu for Language and Storage configuration)

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Guest Release: Big Red Adventure + Nippon Safes, Inc

Dynabyte / Ludomedia
Cover, backing and label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

The complete adventures of international thieves Doug Nuts, Dino Fagioli and Donna Fatale on one disc.

Two editions of Big Red Adventure are included - a modified one for stock CD32 owners (some backgrounds have been simplified and the music isn't included, this ensures the whole game can be played through without crashing) and the unmodified, original version for owners of Fast RAM equipped CD32s. Both support saving to NVRam, instructions are included on the disc itself.

Nippon Safes, Inc unfortunately does not saving - however numerous save files are included for your convenience. The two games are fully playable on a regular joypad.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Turrican Anthology

Factor 5 / Rainbow Arts
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves: T2, T3, Super Obliteration, T1 Demo, T2 Demo, T3 Demo
Cover and select screen: Steve (artwork by Mr Dream)
CDXL Intro: Derived from the Turrican 3D Trailer and Motion Reel, using Charles-Henri Avelange's Heavy Metal remix of the Turrican 1 Title.
ISO Master: Earok

Even in the middle of the rebuild, I couldn't resist getting this one finished. Testament to the the enduring popularity of the series, this was one of our most requested releases even though RGCD already released a Turrican Trilogy for CD32 years ago.

The key difference between the two releases is we've used the CDTV versions of the first two Turrican games. The grenades in the first game can be launched by pressing RED+BLUE simultaneously, and the high score screens in both games are fully joypad compatible.

Unfortunately since there was no CD version of Turrican 3, we've had to stick with the floppy version there. The gameplay is fully joypad compatible but the high score screen is not. Fortunately, you can press PLAY at any time during the game and it'll reload the game - I know it's not perfect but it's the best we can do for the moment.

We've packed this one with bonuses too - music (Hippo Player's installed with music from all three games), demo versions of all three games are included, as well as the PD Turrican/Pang mashup, "Super Obliteration". And to top it all off - an intro exclusive to this release (Utilising videos from the cancelled Turrican 3D project with a fan made remix as the backing track, more details are on the YouTube video below)

Select screen

Exclusive intro

DOWNLOAD (10th June 2015)

Saturday, 30 May 2015

The ongoing rebuild, part 3

Another 10 downloads have been restored, most have been improved in some form.

In particular, the "Birthday" collection has the entire CD32 Lotus Trilogy rather than just the first game, and the Supercars Collection is now our first PC/Amiga hybrid release (includes Supercars International and the fan made Supercars III for PC). Smaller updates include; F1GP has the latest version of the 2014 patch, and Stunt Car Racer has an infinite boost cheat. Most of the rest feature either select screen music or a separate music player.

As always, the complete list of restored downloads can be found here.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The ongoing rebuild, part 2

We're now around the half way point - twenty of our releases have been cleaned and reuploaded, including all of the guest releases (huge thanks to both Cobe and Scorpion for getting all of their releases checked and reuploaded with in the space of a couple of days).

A good deal of the new releases have been enhanced in some way, some have control screen music (Slam Tilt), joypad support (Tiny Troops), save packs (Nemac IV) and the ability to save to NVRam (Flappy Bird). On top of that, I'm still prepping entirely new releases for when the rebuild is complete, we've got one or two big surprises in store.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

The ongoing rebuild, part 1

The downloads are gradually being restored after the nightmare of having to deal with the virus issue. While it was originally a real kick in the guts, it's turning into a blessing in disguise - although I had to put several ongoing CD32 projects on hold, revisiting the previous ones has allowed me to enhance them, and to find solutions to issues that were plaguing me before.

Kick Off 2 (original edition) and Oh No! More Lemmings were slow loading in the previous release, we've solved the problems with both of them by using different hard drive loaders. Also not only does Lemmings 1 support a joypad (like the original CDTV release), Lemmings 2 and 3 do as well.

The complete list of restored downloads (currently 10) is on the original post.

Please let me know if you'd like to contribute time helping out the project - I'm still after save files for Flight of the Amazon queen, and I haven't yet had much of a chance to test the re-releases to see if they work on a real CD32 without issue.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Virus alert [Every game now restored]

Every game on the site has been manually checked for viruses, and fixed where necessarily - in most cases they've been updated too.

If you're worried that your Amiga system may be affected, please download and run VirusZ ( This is being used to check each and every upload as I redo it.

These downloads are now verified to be clean:
  1. 160 game compilation
  2. 2014 Amiga Community Collection
  3. 4D Sports Driving (Now with Gemini's track pack)
  4. Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (Now with save files for every level)
  5. Alien Breed Saga (As above, save files for every level, plus menu music)
  6. Birthday Collection (Lotus 1 floppy disk version replaced with Lotus Trilogy CD32)
  7. Breathless (Now with control screen music)
  8. Bomberman Collection (Now with select screen music, and adjustments to the screen modes of Dynablaster)
  9. Cannon Fodder
  10. Cannon Fodder Collection
  11. Dune 2 (Save files, multiple languages and gameplay tweaks)
  12. Empire Soccer 94
  13. Flappy Bird (Now supports score saving)
  14. Flashback (Now with five languages)
  15. Flight of the Amazon Queen (Now with 49 save files and the "Interview" mini game)
  16. Football Glory (Now with title screen music)
  17. Giana Sisters (Now with bonus music player)
  18. Giana Sisters Collection (Now with title screen music)
  19. James Pond Collection (Now with select screen music)
  20. Leading Lap (Now with Amiga 500 version included)
  21. Lemmings (Massive update! Lemmings 1/2/3/Xmas 1991/Xmas 1992 are playable with joypad, with improvements to ONML too)
  22. Inherit the Earth (This was always clean)
  23. Kick Off Collection (Now with faster slave for KO2, and title screen music from KO3 and Goal)
  24. Legend of Kyrandia
  25. Lionheart (Now with title screen music)
  26. Microprose Formula 1 GP (Now with title screen music and final 2014 patch)
  27. Nemac IV: Director's Cut (Now with working audio and saves for all 40 levels)
  28. Rally Championships (Now with optional Amiga 500 version)
  29. Rick Dangerous Collection (Now with menu music)
  30. Ruff N Tumble (Now with bonus music player)
  31. Scorpion Vol 1
  32. Scorpion Vol 2 (With a fix to Alien Breed TA)
  33. Sensible World of Soccer (Replaced Train Spotting with Microprose Soccer)
  34. Shadow of the Beast Trilogy
  35. Slam Tilt (Now with select screen music)
  36. Solomon's Key 1 & 2
  37. Stunt Car Racer (Now with boost cheat)
  38. Supercars Collection (Massive update! Now with Supercars III and Supercars International for PC, plus music player and Supercars International gameplay video)
  39. Tearaway Thomas (Now with bonus music player)
  40. Tiny Troops (Now with better joypad support)
  41. Virtual Karting 1 & 2
  42. Wonderdog
  43. Worms Collection (Now with Kirby levels)
  44. Xtreme Racing (Now with select screen music)

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Guest Release: CD32 Compilation Volume 2

GameTek, Gremlin, Microprose, Millenium, ICE, System 3, Team 17, Titus
Cover: Carl (Template and words by Steve)
Select Screen: Scorpion
ISO Master: Scorpion

It has been a long time coming, but we're proud to present the second in the series of Scorpion's CD32 compilations. Just like the last one, this is an eclectic, pan-genre mix of eleven officially released CD32 games, this time including:

  1. Alien Breed: Tower Assault
  2. Deep Core
  3. Fields of Glory
  4. Fire Force
  5. Frontier: Elite 2
  6. Global Effect
  7. IK+
  8. Mean Arenas
  9. Morph
  10. Quik The Thunder Rabbit
  11. Zool states that there are 171 games for the CD32, so there's more than 12% of the entire library on these two discs alone!

One minor issue to note: Because they both feature CD music, Zool's second "get ready" audio is replaced by audio from Global Effect. Other than that, the games are exactly the same as they were on their original release. Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso.

Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus cleaned 23rd May 2015, with fix to Alien Breed Tower Assault)

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Guest release: Solomon's Key 1 & 2

Solomon's Key 1 Atari ST conversion: Asman and Wanted Team
Solomon's Key 2 (aka Fire and Ice) NES port: Hukka
Coverbacking and label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Something a little different today, a twin pack of both of the games in the "Solomon's Key" series. What makes it different is neither of these games have ever received a commercial Amiga release, Solomon's Key 1 is the Atari ST version unofficially hacked to work on on Amiga, whereas Solomon's Key 2 is an unofficial ground up rewrite of the NES exclusive.

Cobe has also gone the extra mile with this one - SK2 progress can be saved to NVRAM, and if you've got a keyboard you can save SK1 high scores too. Just make sure you read the select screen instructions.

An additional bonus, hold down RED or BLUE while the console is booting to see the Cracktro's for the two games.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 24th May 2015)

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Inherit the Earth

Wyrmkeep Entertainment / Realogic / Softdisk
Cover: Steve
ISO Remaster: Earok
Thanks to anonymous for uploading the original file!

Something of a holy grail for us is the uncovered English language version of the adventure game "Inherit the Earth". This charming adventure game featuring furries anthropomorphic animals was already released for the Amiga in German but (to the best of our knowledge) the unreleased English version has never been on the Internet - until now.

This is largely the same to what appeared on an Amiga Future cover disc several years ago but with a few changes:
  • Signed with a trademark file so it will boot on a stock CD32.
  • The "Bonus" folder from the German release is included, which includes: mod files, animations, CDXL videos, AGA and ECS demo versions of the German release.
  • Manual PDF is also included in the Bonus folder (sourced from:
  • The startup-sequence is the same except for the addition of a doublespeed command
Given that this is an unreleased beta version, I had to give it a full playthrough with walkthrough (on a real CD32) before publishing it here. I'm happy to say that this appears to be the complete game, all of the gameplay appears to be intact and it's all in English, both text and voices from start to end.

There are some issues though - movement is often sluggish, the "use" command sometimes misfires (eg it attempts using the object on itself when you wanted to use it with something else on screen), and I had no less than two full crashes and one fatal bug (in all fairness this could just be because of misreads from my CD32 drive). Make sure you safe often!

Some other things to note:
  • NVRAM saving is a feature, but you'll need around 83 blocks free (!) I'm afraid you might need to drop that Simon the Sorcerer save file.
  • Mouse is not required, gamepad works just fine.
  • Press Red+Blue to skip the length intro sequence (thanks to Cobe for working this out).
  • During the overworld and isometric sequences, you can just hold down RED to move, this might be a little quicker than just tapping RED repeatedly
There are also two executables on the disc for playing from an HD equipped Amiga, both an AGA and ECS version. However, given that the voices file is over 200mb you're either going to need a CD-ROM or a decent hard drive!

(Edit: I've received confirmation that this works just fine on an A1200 with a compact flash "hard drive" and a Blizzard accelerator card, as well as a 4mb ECS A600 with cd rom)

Download (Confirmed as virus clean - this was never infected)

(As a side note, a modern version of the game is available from Wyrmkeep, GOG and Steam. Also the game inspired a sequel web comic that's been running for ten years!)

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Guest release #6: The Legend of Kyrandia

Cover, backing and label: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe
CDXL Conversions: Cobe

A fantastic little adventure game by Westwood. Malcolm, the evil jester has escaped imprisonment and is rampaging through the land.

Cobe has gone the extra mile on this one. Not only does it fully support saving to NVRAM, but unlike the other NVRAM supported games on the site, you don't even need to quit in order to make the save. You still need to save in the regular fashion, but afterwards just press the "Play" button and the first save slot will be preserved in NVRAM.

In addition he's converted the animated intro from the PC DOS version, featuring the voice acting talents of Kane, the leader of our glorious brotherhood of Nod Joseph D. Kucan as the protagonist, Brandon.

And then there's all the other bonuses, which include:
  • CD Quality audio track from the PC DOS version (which plays over the selection menu)
  • Readme guide
  • "Random way to die" CDXL videos
  • Game maps, viewable from the selection menu
And of course, you don't need a mouse - joypad by itself is fine. Cobe has even included the ability to enter a "binary" save file name if you don't have a keyboard handy.

CDXL Intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 25th May 2015)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Advisory: CD32 Language issues, 160 game "Kiosk mode" release

It's been reported to us that a few of our releases simply refuse to work on some real CD32s, an example being the release of Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds and one or both AB3D games on the larger collection.

It turns out the issue appears to be language selection: If you have "English" selected, the game should work fine, but if you have any other language selected, the game may not work at all. If any of our games don't work, make sure you have English as your set language. To do this:
  1. Boot the CD32 without a disc inserted.
  2. Press "Blue" to access the language menu.
  3. Select English, and then reboot.
In unrelated news, as per a fan request I've done a version of the 160 games compilation that has the ability to return to the menu by pressing play disabled (this wasn't available on all games to begin with, but most of them that used WHDLoad slaves). The download is here.

Also - I know I've been slack with posting, but Cobe's got a fantastic new release that I'll post in the next day or two. Stay tuned.

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Special: Earok's 2015 Birthday Mix Disc

Just a little bit of fun to celebrate my birthday, eleven fantastic multiplayer games on one disc, to be played at my "retro game night" tomorrow. This isn't meant to be an "official" release from us, just something chucked together in an evening. Apologies for the terrible looking menu (I stole some of Steve's assets but designed it myself) and there's no cover.
  1. Banshee CD32
  2. Chaos Engine CD32 (Unfortunately using two tracks of Banshee's music due to a track overlap, there's no intro narration for instance)
  3. Gloom Deluxe (+Peter McGavin's C2P Patch)
  4. Golden Axe (Slave)
  5. IK+ CD32
  6. Lotus (Slave
  7. Midnight Resistance (Slave)
  8. Rodland (Slave)
  9. Super Skidmarks+ (The version with the insane number of vehicles)
  10. SWOS 96/97 (JST Load version +2013/2014 teams)
  11. Worms Director's Cut
Incidentally I'd be open to doing further iterations of this idea if someone else has an upcoming birthday.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015. Now with Lotus Trilogy CD32 rather than just the original game)