Sunday, 28 June 2015

Instant CD32 for Windows

I'm going to be away in Europe for the next three weeks, so there's not likely to be any updates in that time period. (Incidentally, if there's someone in the UK who can let me crash on their couch for a night or two between the 6th and 9th of July, that'd be hugely appreciated)

But I've got one last treat to share, I'm aware that a lot of people struggle with Amiga emulation so I decided to slap together a copy of FS-UAE (A gamer friendly fork of WinUAE) with a couple of batch scripts for making it super simple to play a CD32 game on Windows.
  • As outlined below, just drag the ISO, CUE or ZIP files (such as those from the site) on to the batch scripts.
  • You still need to source your own Kickstart Roms (from Amiga Forever or the like)
  • In theory it should be Pen Drive friendly.
  • Although you can play with a keyboard, Xbox 360 controller or similar is recommended and automatically detected by FS-UAE.
If you intend to do a lot of CD32 gaming on Windows, I strongly recommend doing a full blown install of FS-UAE with the launcher and arcade programs. They're a fantastic way to set up media-center like emulation environment.

  1. Copy CD32 Kickstart Roms from Amiga Forever into FS-UAE/kickstarts
  2. Drag ISO, CUE or BIN of the game you want to run on to either:
cd32.bat <- Stock CD32 configuration, recommended for most 2D games
cd32 turbo.bat <- Fast CD32 configuration, recommended for most 3D games (most unofficial ports using WHDLoad will not work with this)

(Alternatively, if you don't drag a file on to the folder, it'll boot the standard CD32 menu for Language and Storage configuration)

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  1. Hi there is it possible to enable V-SYNC in the instant cd32 batch file at startup to prevent screen tearing ?