Saturday, 15 August 2015

Mutant League Hockey

Ocean / EA (Cracked and mastered by Galahad/Scoopex)
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

21 years late. Better than never!

Mutant League Hockey was a popular Sega Mega Drive / Genesis game back in 1994. Along with it's cousin Mutant League Football, it inspired a cartoon series that ran for two seasons. As the name implies it's much sillier than most Hockey games, and the gameplay revolves as much around violently attacking the opposing team as it does scoring goals.

An AGA Amiga port was almost completed (with unconfirmed speculation about a CD32 release), however despite extensive coverage by the gaming press at the time it was never released.

Thankfully, the files from the project were supplied to Galahad who in turn finished the game and released it to all of us. Some more of the history (as well as alternative ADF downloads if you intend to play from an Amiga 1200) can be found on Indie Retro News' launch post about the release.


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