Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Putty Squad (plus awesome secret bonus!)

System 3
CD32 conversion featuring code by Psygore, Galahad and Codetapper
Cover + Control Screens: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

What a day for modern CD32 gamers!

Putty Squad is a fantastic and highly unique platformer with a one-of-a-kind history behind it. Developed for PC, Amiga, Mega Drive and SNES, the SNES was the only platform it saw a commercial release for until, decades later, it became a launch title for the PS4!

The Amiga version eventually did see a release to the public, thanks to System 3 for allowing a release and Galahad for volunteering the time, effort and skillset required to master it. However, CD32 owners were clamouring for a release of their own, which comes to you today thanks to Psygore.

Not only does the game now load on a stock CD32, but it also features a CD32 specific control scheme, trainers and high score saving to NVRAM to boot! (16 free blocks required).

BUT WAIT, there's more!

Psygore has also ported another one of John Twiddy's highly well received AGA titles to CD32, which has also received the same love and attention with CD32 specific controls and trainers, as well as our own cover, CDXL converted intro (our first AGA one) and control screen. Some of you would have already worked out the specific title already, but we won't be posting the name of it here and please don't refer to it by name in the comments - it's a secret and a surprise waiting for you in the download ;)

DOWNLOAD (Putty Squad, awesome bonus and two covers)

Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Klok's two game pack

Two more releases by Kloks. As before, the high resolution covers are in the download.
  • Marble Madness (Slave: JOTD)
  • Micro Machines (Slave: JOTD)
(update: I've been advised the Marble Madness cover is unfinished. We'll post the new cover as soon as it's available)