Friday, 8 January 2016

Tony & Friends in Kellogg's Land [Kloks][DE][CD32]

Uses: WHDLoad and Slave by Wepl
Cover and ISO Master: Kloks

Approximately 20% of our visitors come from Germany - the third largest group after the UK and the US - so we're well overdue for a German language release.

Our first German-language only release is courtesy of Kloks. Tony & Friends In Kellogg's Land is a charming platformer from Factor 5, the developers behind franchises like Turrican and Rogue Squadron - and so unsurprisingly this is one of the extremely rare "promotional" titles that turned out to be good.

A (cracked) English version of the game actually does exist, however it's incompatible with the current WHDLoad slave. As such, a CD32 version of the English translation is on our most wanted list.

As a reminder, some of our releases have German language options such as Flashback and Dune II. If you'd like to see any of our previous releases updated with German language support - or any language for that matter - please let us know.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Jaguar XJ220 [CD32][SX32]

Version 1.1 Mega Update!

For a solo release this was already jam-packed with bonuses, but we've got a few more for you!
  • Uses JOTD's brand new CD32Loader! Which gives us:
    • Zero OS flashes, resulting in far shorter load times
    • Keyboard support
      • Play - Pause (Doesn't always work)
      • Forward - Quit race
      • Hold Reverse, then Forward - Quit to menu
      • Green - Skip Language screen (only copy protection was localised)
      • Yellow - Skip Copy protection screen
    • My custom Brazil 1 track (inspired by Buggy Boy's "Offroad") now works!
  • Live action intro upgraded to HAM 8
  • Menu music
  • "Jaguar XJ220: The Demo" for completionists
  • Easter eggs accessible from the menu?

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slave by Mr Larmer and CFOU!
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

I had this almost ready to go before the rebuild started, so I thought I'd take a break from fixing/enhancing the previous releases and get this out the door!

Jaguar XJ220 Turbo Challenge by Core is a fantastic arcade racer and is quite possibly our most bonus-laden solo release to boot. Features:
  • Latest WHDLoad slave - copy protection screen so no keyboard is required (but useful if you want to tinker with tracks)
  • Two CDXL intros, both the Mega/Sega CD intro and the promo video for the real XJ220 have been included.
  • Since saving is unfortunately impossible, I've chucked in four saves at the world selection screen (after completing England) with fully fixed cars and $65000 in cash (one and two player, automatic and manual).
  • Sixteen audio tracks that can be listened to in a music player (press PLAY to quit out to the music player). Includes all twelve of the tracks from the Mega/Sega CD release plus four fan remixes:
    • "Moody Breeze - Speedy Breeze" by Coups
    • "Autobahn" by Nixdorux
    • "Title" by Odee
    • "Misty Ride on the A23" by Selecta Novel
  • Five exclusive tracks that can be accessed through the "load track" button. They're not meant to be commercial quality, just fun gimmicks. They are:
    • Pukekohe Raceway, replaces England 1
    • Monaco, replaces Canada 1
    • Irohazaka, replaces Italy 1
    • Tiny Track (14 laps!) replaces Germany 1
    • Rollercoaster, replaces France 1
(There's actually six tracks, the sixth is one based on Buggy Boy's "Offroad" and occupies the Brazil 1 slot but it unfortunately doesn't seem to work on a real CD32. Also please bear in mind that the disc is a bit slow loading!)

Intro 1: Sega/Mega CD

 Intro 2: Promotional video

(1.0 download removed. New download above)

Friday, 1 January 2016

Team 17 Crack Pack [CD32] [SX32]

Happy New Year!

On the off chance anyone's interested...

There were three games on the CD32 that were released with manual copy protection, all from Team 17. It's a little awkward to read the tiny numbers on the code sheets and enter them with the gamepad (assuming you've even got a copy of the codes handy). So what we're providing here is simply a download of the three games with copy protection disabled.
  • Alien Breed 3D - Copy protection removed completely
  • The Speris Legacy - Copy protection removed completely
  • Worms - Enter anything at the copy protection screen
Other than the minor hack, the three are more or less as they are on their original release - no bonuses or anything else added. The information to make these cracks all come from the Amiga Patch List

Gods [CD32] [SX32]

Conversion: Galahad
Cover: Steve
Alternative Intro: Rikonami, converted by Earok

Our last 2015 release! The legendary Bitmap Bros puzzle platformer is now on CD32, thanks to the efforts of Galahad! This is a full blown CD32 port, with custom controls and a proper CD32 loader (no OS Flashes on this one!)

Red: Action
Yellow: Pause
Play: Quit

There's also an alternative intro chucked in, we've converted Rikonami's HD intro to AGA HAM 8 CDXL. We've had to down mix it down to a lower frame rate to maintain as much quality as we can - while it's only 5 FPS it's almost full screen and (for a CDXL video) looks stunning.

We've tentatively tagged this as being SX32 compatible - please let us know if you have any trouble playing it on an upgraded CD32.