Friday, 30 December 2016

Cybernoid CD32 compilation [Hungry Horace][CD32][SX32]

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, WHDLoad slaves by Hungry Horace
Cover: Hungry Horace, template by Steve
ISO Master and Menu: Hungry Horace

A special treat from Hungry Horace for Hewson and Cybernoid fans, both games on a single disc! With a few other treats:
  • A beautifully animated menu system for choosing the games.
  • CD32 Joypad support for both games (press RED on the menu).
  • Two button pad support for both games (press BLUE on the menu)

Both games - but especially part two - are unashamedly 80s hard. You have been warned!

Controls for two button mode:
  • Red for Fire
  • Hold Red for Special Weapon
  • Blue for Cycle Special

Controls for CD32 Joypad mode:
  • Menu: Blue (SFX Toggle)
  • Menu: Play (Show Highscores)
  • Menu: Forward + Rewind + Yellow = Activate Cheat
  • Menu: Forward + Rewind + Play = WHD Quit
  • Game: Green for Special Weapon
  • Game: Forward for Cycle Special Weapon Up
  • Game: Rewind for Cycle Special Weapon Down
  • Game: Play for Pause
  • Game: Yellow for Quit (While Paused)
  • Game: Blue for Level Skip (While Paused & Cheat Enabled)
  • Game: Green for Level Restart (While Paused & Cheat Enabled)

                    Sunday, 25 December 2016

                    Eric W Schwartz Collection [CD32][SX32]

                    All Art © Eric W Schwartz. This is not an authorised release.
                    ISO Master: Earok
                    Cover: Earok (Template by Steve)

                    This one has been a long time coming!
                    • Well over 80 of Eric W Schwartz's finest works, from the late 1980s through to the early 2010s! Including many short cartoons, looping animations, tutorials and even an image browser.
                    • Although all animations can be watched individually, playlists of select animations are also available:
                      • Aerotoons
                      • Amy the Squirrel
                      • Flip the Frog
                      • The Juggette
                      • Sabrina and Red Shetland
                      • Other notable Cartoons (Anti-Lemmings, Morphy the Magic Man etc)
                    • For the first time in CDXL format, the animations "Amy: A Walk in the Park", "Amiga Tribute" and "Only Amiga"
                    Where possible, animations are in their original "MovieSetter" format. Many have been converted to Anim5 in order to run within the CD32's tight RAM limitations. This disc would not have been possible without RandelShofer's incredibly exhaustive page on Eric Schwartz's animations, where many of the converted animations were sourced from.

                    A few notes:

                    • The animations are sometimes unapologetically un-PC. As such, they're not for everyone!
                    • Most animations (the CDXL ones excluded) will loop continually until you hit the "blue" button.
                    • The audio is glitchy on some animations, apologies, I'm unable to fix that.
                    • NTSC is recommended (in PAL some animations have glitches near the bottom of the screen)
                    • The "Girls of ES Productions" application will quit from the menu. You'll need to restart the console to get back in to it.

                    Saturday, 24 December 2016

                    SWOS 16-17 [CD32][SX32]

                    Original game by Sensible Software
                    '16-'17 update by
                    WHDLoad Slave by Galahad, WHDLoad by Wepl
                    CD32Load by JOTD
           version by Earok and Steve

                    The community over at have made an amazing effort bringing the best Soccer game ever up to date. Here's our totally not-official release of it ;)

                    Note that the SWOS 16-17 team DO have an official CD32 ISO, so to clarify the points of difference with this one.
                    • Comprehensive CD32 pad support
                      • Red - Action
                      • Blue - Show statistics when ball is out of play
                      • Green - Watch recorded highlights at the end of play
                      • Yellow - Toggle player names
                      • Play - Pause
                      • Reverse - Replay
                      • Forward - Record last few moments for highlights
                      • Forward+Reverse - Abandon match
                    • CDXL intro adapted from the PC release

                    Thursday, 22 December 2016

                    Heart of the Alien [CD32][SX32]

                    Another World / Out of this World: Eric Chahi
                    Heart of the Alien: Interplay (Adapted for Amiga by D.J.M)
                    Lost Level: Eric Chahi (Hacked on to the Amiga by Earok)
                    Cover: Steve
                    ISO Master: Earok
                    Much appreciated assistance: Cobe

                    A long time coming! The legendary Another World mythos has finally made it's way to the CD32 in its entirety.

                    Another World (aka: Out of this World)
                    The original classic, with one minor tweak - Press BLUE to open the level code screen. If you want to skip through the lengthy introduction, just use the code "EDJI" after the (cracked) copy protection sequence.

                    The Lost Level
                    An entire level that was added to later editions of the game has been back-ported to Amiga and included on this disc as a standalone entry.

                    Heart of the Alien
                    The largely unknown and forgotten sequel makes it's way to the Amiga due to the incredible and much appreciated efforts of D.J.M.

                    Controls have been faithfully adapted from the Sega CD original.
                    • Action: Red
                    • Whip: Blue
                    • Jump forward: Green
                    • Activate Bomb: Red+Blue+Green
                    • Enter Code: Pause

                    Special thanks to Cobe for tweaking some of the Heart of the Alien audio tracks, as well as squeezing "The Lost Level" on to the selection menu.

                    Press Play on Pad: The Demoscene Disc [Cobe][CD32][SX32]

                    Various Authors
                    ISO and Cover: Cobe
                    Menu: Earok and Cobe

                    This one's a little bit different for a number of reasons!

                    Cobe has assembled a cracker compilation of 32 demoscene productions on a single disc - almost all AGA titles such as the remarkable Nexus-7 by Andromeda, but also a few classic OCS demoscene productions as well (notably, State of the Art by Spaceballs).

                    What's more, the disc will by default play demos in a random order, making it a perfect "virtual jukebox" for the CD32. If there's a specific demo you'd like to watch, all you need to do is (as the title suggests) hold down the "Play" button when the console is booted.

                    The complete demos list:
                    1. nexus-7
                    2. love
                    3. friday at eight 3
                    4. achallamahalla
                    5. among the living
                    6. arte* 
                    7. extension 
                    8. quite unusual
                    9. interference 
                    10. fullmoon
                    11. cream
                    12. despair
                    13. state of the art* 
                    14. futuristic mind
                    15. hardday
                    16. kid
                    17. desert dream* 
                    18. pee wee
                    19. real 
                    20. breath of the muse
                    21. hardwired* 
                    22. lech 
                    23. gevalia 
                    24. the prey
                    25. wit premium
                    26. enigma* 
                    27. dove
                    28. bosnisk metall 
                    29. jammin'
                    30. syndrome
                    31. in a world of ascii
                    32. panta rhei

                                                                                *using cd32load by jotd
                                                                                Arte slave by Wepl
                                                                                State of the art slave by Wepl
                                                                                Desert dream slave by BlackWine
                                                                                Hardwired slave by Mr.Larmer & Wepl
                                                                                Enigma slave by BlackWine

                                                                                Content warning: The disc includes nudity as well as coarse language. Viewer discretion is advised.