Saturday, 11 March 2017

Time Gal [ReImagine]

16 March 2017: Version 1.1 update! Now compatible with 68000 processor and KickStart 1.3

ReImagine (original game: Taito 1985) 
Cover: Steve (Download)

Something a little different from us! The second release in the ReImagine series of ports and hacks is the never before on Amiga LaserDisc classic Time Gal, ported from the arcade original in it's entirety.

  • All Sixteen levels from the original game, along with "mirrored" versions of each level and all of the death animations (including those that were censored on the Mega CD port!)
  • Six difficulty levels from Easy to Insane. Including a special "Anime Mode" for a more relaxed, cinematic experience.
  • Five different static ending screens to discover.
System requirements:
  • 68000
  • OCS
  • 1MB of free chipram (2MB total ram required)
  • 500MB of free HDD space, OR
  • 2X CD-ROM drive

Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Boxx Trilogy CD32 [Lemming880/Cobe][CD32][SX32]

Update 6/2/17 - DVD style cover added

Update 4/2/17 - version available for HD Amiga owners

Game and all artwork: Lemming880
Launcher app: Earok
ISO Master and intros: Cobe

The Boxx Trilogy is a series of gleefully cartoony, homebrew platform games by Lemming880, based on the Backbone engine. With Cobe's support, they've generously provided this Trilogy for the unofficial conversions project.

Some CD32 specific changes were made especially for this collection:

  • Added gfx panel
  • Scenery: the small pyramids now have rounds heads
  • Scenery: removed half of the cracks in the bricks
  • Removed coins in exit doors (you can now just walk in door to exit)
  • Removed jump sound (interfered with music)

All games
  • Pad control is now default
  • Menu control information now shows a big CD32 Pad
  • Changed version numbers