Saturday, 27 December 2014

Can't play CD-Rs in the CD32??

On occasion I'm going to do a few general blog posts about issues that may be of some interest to CD32 gamers, this is the first one.

I had a few issues lately while trying to load CD-Rs of my community compilation. They just wouldn't load, the disc would spin very slowly but it would never leave the boot animation. And it wouldn't load discs that had worked in the past either. I had assumed at first that the drive had stopped working entirely but found that my official disc of Guardian worked just fine, and booted very quickly in fact.

So, the first thing I tried was purchasing a CD lens cleaner kit. This was the specific one I purchased but I'm pretty sure any similar kit would be just fine.

Curiously, although the cleaner disk features instructions on audio tracks, they wouldn't play at first. The CD drive would whirr to life for a few seconds, and then die out and stop completely. But after I removed the disc and re-inserted it, the audio started to play. It skipped a fair bit at first so it was difficult to listen to the instructions, but after repeated attempts the audio became clear. So at least the lens cleaner objectively made some improvement.

My old CD-R games begun to work again, perhaps loading faster than they ever had in the past. But unfortunately, my new CD-Rs didn't work. I tried burning to multiple discs, with no success. I figured that the problem now was the brand - my old CD-Rs were Verbatim printable discs, my new ones were branded with the generic brand of a stationary chain. A new spindle of Verbatim discs worked just fine.

So in short, if you can't get CD-R games to work on a CD32:

1. Clean your lens
2. Use top quality media. Even if your generic CD-Rs work just fine in a high quality, modern CD drive, the CD32's drive is lower quality so use top quality discs to compensate.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Guest Release #4: Tiny Troops

CD label, cover and backing: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Perhaps ironically, there are precious few Real Time Strategy games on Amiga even though it spawned the genre with Dune II.

Tiny Troops - released well after the Amiga was past it's prime - is one of those few and is Cobe's third guest release. Playing as one of two miniature Alien races, you attempt to annihilate the other one across multiple "planets" (which appear to be different areas in a home). A feature that this game contains that's certainly very rare in the genre is the ability to play two player split screen, too.

With this release, you can also preserve your saved games in NVRam. Detailed instructions are included but essentially all you need to do is quit from the main menu after saving as usual in the game.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 25th May 2015, it's also been updated to be much easier to play without a mouse)

Friday, 31 October 2014

September-October Updates List

In case you missed them, several of our releases have been updated over the past two months:

More updates and new games coming soon, stay tuned!

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Guest Release #3: Virtual Karting 1+2

Fabio Bizzetti
CD cover, backing and label: Cobe
Selection screen: Cobe
ISO Master: Cobe

Cobe's second release is both of the Virtual Karting games in one pack. Although the graphics are a bit unusual and they're relatively light on content, what we've got here are fast and challenging racers with satisfying drifts and an impressive framerate.

Seriously, you'd be hard pressed to find another 3D racer this smooth on a stock AGA Amiga, let alone one with mode 7 style texture mapping!

There's a few notes attached to this one:

  • Cobe's included icons for the two Virtual Karting games, so you should also be able to play them on a Fast RAM equipped Amiga 1200 or 4000 straight from Work Bench.
  • Changing the selected track disk inside Virtual Karting 2 will crash a real CD32 (but not WinUAE). It's for this reason that Cobe has included the ability to select the track disk right from the selection screen.
  • If you don't have a keyboard, don't leave the menu idle otherwise it'll go into a demo mode that you'll have trouble getting out of. Also, if you're qualifying you'll need to run into the water in order to quit.
  • Since it the renderer is based on some tricks and hacks, this really should be played on a real Amiga. Under WinUAE it might look like this when it really should look like this. (Although if you'd prefer to play under WinUAE, try experimenting with the resolution settings in the display tab).

Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 24th May 2015)

Monday, 27 October 2014

Guest Release #2: CD32 Compilation Volume 1

ICE, Bullfrog, Psygnosis, Vision, Millennium, Abersoft, MicroProse, Mirage, Titus
Cover: Steve
Selection screen: Scorpion
ISO Master: Scorpion

Ten official CD32 games together on a single disc. While it's a little bit different to what we normally do, Scorpion has put together a fantastic collection that's like a cross section of the entire CD32 library. A broad range of genres, developers and even level of critical reception is represented here.
  1. Akira
  2. Darkseed
  3. D/Generation
  4. Lamborghini Challenge
  5. Microcosm
  6. Rise of the Robots
  7. Roadkill
  8. Subwar 2050
  9. Syndicate
  10. Vital Light
In addition to those ten, there's a bonus game never before released on CD32 - Syndicate American Revolt. Since it uses the engine from the CD32 version of the game, you can even save to NVRAM.

Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 23rd May 2015)

Friday, 3 October 2014

Encore #4: Shadow of the Beast Trilogy

Psygnosis / Reflections / Traveller's Tales
Uses: Whdload by Wepl, JST by JF Fabre, slaves as outlined below
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Another one by popular demand. Everything but the Kitchen Sink in this one!
  • Shadow of the Beast (Slave: Harry & JOTD)
  • Shadow of the Beast 2 (Keyboard definitely required! Slave: Mr.Larmer & CFOU!)
  • Shadow of the Beast 3 (JST Loader: JF Fabre)
  • Bonus game: Leander (Slave: JOTD)
  • Trailer for the upcoming Playstation 4 Reboot as the intro
  • Shadow of the Beast PC Engine / Turbo Grafix intro
  • Shadow of the Beast FM Towns intro
  • Shadow of the Beast 2 FM Towns intro
  • Shadow of the Beast 2 game over screen viewer (pic + music)
  • Selection screen MOD music - containing the soundtracks for all three games
  • Jukebox mode plays the complete CD quality soundtrack to Shadow of the Beast PC Engine / Turbo Grafix (this will freeze your console - you'll need to restart to get out of this mode)
Selection screen

CDXL intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 31st May 2015)

That's our last encore! I promise ;) you'll hear more from us in a couple of weeks once we've taken a breather and are ready to post some guest entries. Let us know what you'd like to see in future.

Encore #3 Stunt Car Racer

Microstyle (The New Tracks: AmiGer)
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slave by Codetapper

Geoff Crammond's other legendary racing game for Amiga. Includes AmiGer's "The New Tracks". Both versions can optionally be played with Galahad's "Turbo" patch applied - the speed is insane on a stock CD32, I can't imagine what it would be like on an expanded one!

This is our penultimate encore - the next one is the very last one in the series, and it's going to be a doozy.
Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked May 30th 2015. Now with boost cheat: After making your selection on the menu, hold PLAY immediately when the screen goes blank, when you play the game you'll now have infinite boost)

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Encore #2: Microprose Formula One Grand Prix

Uses: F1GP-Ed by Oliver Roberts, associated patches by Toni Wilen and Grant Reeve. 2014 Car Set (Singapore) by Andy Clarke. 
Covers (1, 2) and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The legendary racing game with a few bonuses.
  • As an option, Andy Clarke's fantastic 2014 racing season data with up-to-date names and colors.
  • CDXL Intro from the DOS version.
  • F1GP-Ed enhancements:
    • 50% frame rate increase over the Amiga 500 version.
    • Info display at the top of the screen.
    • Separate break controls - press RED to shift up and BLUE to shift down.
As you can see above there are two different covers - take your pick!

The copy protection screen has been cracked but not removed. Just type in anything (or press GREEN on the gamepad) to get through it.

Selection Screen

CDXL Intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015, now with title screen music and the final version of the 2014 patch).

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Encore #1: Ruff N Tumble

Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, JST and slaves by JF Fabre
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The first of our encore releases, Ruff 'N' Tumble was perhaps the most widely requested standalone title.

There might be a crashing issue with accessing the options menu (only really needed for "practice mode", which you can only get to if you have a keyboard). Hold down RED while starting to try the JST load version rather than the WHDLoad version if you have any issues - note that only the WHDLoad version supports the blue button.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015, now with bonus music player - press PLAY to access)

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

CD32 160 Game Compilation

By too many developers to list!
Uses: CD32 Compilation Toolkit by Lennon Lives, WHDLoad by Wepl, JST by JF Fabre, Slaves and cracks by many, many authors
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Our biggest CD32 project ever! Including!
  • A few of the blockbusters by Delphine, Psynosis, Team 17, Cinemaware, LucasArts and others.
  • A wide range of genres - point and click adventure, platformer, racing, first person shooter, sports, fighting - something for everyone.
  • Games spanning almost the entire life span of the 68k Amiga, including some of the recent demoscene games and unofficial Atari ST ports.
  • A few highly eclectic selections, like ultra-violent Polish beat-em-ups, the "Resident Evil" demo and even FMV games.
I was inspired by the massive collections that Gary made back in the day, but I had some frustrations with those - mainly that some of the games didn't work for me, and others weren't playable without a keyboard and mouse. With this collection I focused on games that:
  1. Would work in a stock CD32
  2. Didn't require a mouse or keyboard to play the basic game
  3. Where possible, were enhanced in some way to take advantage of the CD32 pad (using the latest and greatest WHDLoad slaves etc)
  4. With certain exceptions, didn't have an official release on the CD32
I haven't been able to test absolutely every game on a real CD32, but it comes with my personal guarantee -

If I've included a game that doesn't work on a real CD32, and you report the issue to me first, I promise to either fix it, or replace it with a game of your choice (so long as your choice is appropriate for the collection).

There is some overlap between this and some of the smaller release we've done, however this doesn't have any of the bonus content the standalone releases do - control screens, selection screens, CDXL intros, soundtracks, 3rd party content and the like. In general, if there's a game you really like on this collection but we've done a standalone release, we recommend getting the standalone release.

UPDATE Posted another version which should fix a few issues. Also, if you hold down "Pause" while booting it'll disable pictures in the menu, which should make it a bit snappier.

Forgot to mention last time - these games can be "quickbooted" by holding down the appropriate button while the CD loads:

RED - Tiny Troops
BLUE - Worms Director's Cut
GREEN - Xtreme Racing
UP - Resident Evil Demo
LEFT - Wolfenstein 3D Shareware
FORWARD - Virtual Karting 2
REVERSE - Shadow of the Beast 3

Download (verified virus clean, 21st May 2015)

So this brings us to the end of our utterly insane project to release one unofficial port a day for the entire month. It's been a hell of a ride, and I was blown away by the fantastic support shown by the Amiga community. I'd like to especially thank Neil, Ali and the IndieRetroNews guys for covering the project so extensively, Gaz for making A4 sized templates of the covers, all of the slave/patch/crack authors that made many of these conversions possible and all the EAB users and posters here who contributed support, testing or suggestions.

And of course, I'd like to make a shout out to my collaborator Steve. The original suggestion to work on these conversions was his, and the new covers and screens he spent massive hours making is what made the project stand out.

What next? Well, this isn't quite the end. Although we're certainly not going to continue at this pace, we're still planing to release a few more between now and Christmas, and also there were some great conversions done by other people that we're going to launch through the blog. Maybe there's also a possibility of a few "officially authorised" releases, we'll see.

But as for me and Steve, we really need a break. Seriously. So no more daily releases.


No more.


Did somebody say encore? Well... ;)

Monday, 29 September 2014

Worms Collection

Team 17 / Gary Roberts / Aceman / Squirminator2k
Uses: MegaCDPlayer by Steven Ross, Worms DC CD32 release by Whitesnake, various resources sourced from Dream17
Cover and selection screens: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Since there are only two Worms games on Amiga, we tried to make this pack as bonus heavy as possible!
  • The original CD32 release of Worms, but this time with a copy protection patch by "Captain Hook & Mozart/OTT". Enter anything at all at the copy protection screen to play the game.
  • Video mode, all of the animated skits that came with the CD32 release.
  • CDXL intro ripped from a cutscene in the game "Worms: Battle Island".
  • The PD game "Tanx". Mouse required.
  • Jukebox mode with these tracks from the original game, CU Pack for Worms DC and Worms Armageddon
    1. CD Data
    2. Worms - Main Title
    3. Worms - Night
    4. Worms - Suspense
    5. Worms - Suspense 2
    6. Worms - Wind
    7. Worms - Swamp
    8. Worms - Remix
    9. CU Amiga - Worms DC - Wormsong '96
    10. CU Amiga - Worms DC - Wormsong
    11. CU Amiga - Worms DC - Wormsong (United Remix)
    12. Worms Armageddon Theme Song
  • Worms Director's Cut with bonuses
    • The original team names plus the custom ones from Whitesnake's version.
    • The reduced sample set from Whitesnake's version, unfortunately this is required to fit the game into memory. However if you happen to be the lucky owner of an expanded CD32 you can still select the full sample set from the Records menu (this will crash a regular CD32).
    • A whole bunch of additional custom levels from the CU Amiga pack and Aceman's Worms Armageddon packs. You need to punch in the names with your gamepad to play them eg "cars" to play a level based on the Worms Armageddon "cars" terrain. The full list is in the records menu.
    • And a whole bunch of custom random terrain sets. Unfortunately there's just not enough memory to put them all into one install of Worms DC, so we split them into multiple packs selectable from a second menu.
      • Superfrog Pack - Magic Woods and Ice Forest by Aceman
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 1 - Sports and Art by Squirminator2k
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 2 - Gulf and Snow by Aceman
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 3 - Music and Doom by Aceman
      • Worms Armageddon Pack 4 - Cheese by Squirminator2k, Medieval by Aceman
Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso in order to get the music.

Main selection screen

Worms Director's Cut selection screen

CDXL Intro

2nd November 2014 Update 1.1

General: 2x CD Speed command added for faster loading, Worms DC title music added to selection screen
Worms: German language fixed (H/T Ebster for spotting the issue)
Worms Director's Cut:
- 1,05 patch with misc fixes. It doesn't ask you if you're using a CD32 pad any more but it's assumed you're using one (you can change to mouse+keyboard from options if you wish)
- French and German speech options, choose these from the "Record" menu. These are ported from Worms 1.
- Around 20 more samples have been added. Although it still doesn't contain all of the samples that were originally in Worms DC, it now contains almost all of the speech. If you have a Fast RAM equipped CD32 you can still access the full sample set if you wish.
- "Total Wormage" option set added, which just enables the "Total Wormage" status bar. Alternatively if you have a keyboard you can just type in "Total Wormage" to see this.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th August 2015. Now with additional Kirby levels for Worms Director's cut!)

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Alien Breed Saga CD32

Team 17
Uses: MegaCDPlayer by Steven Ross, WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves and patches by various authors as outlined below
Cover, selection and control screens: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

We were originally planning to re-release Alien Breed 3D by itself (with the copy protection patched and a controls screen added), but then we thought - why the hell not do the whole series?
  • Alien Breed: The Story (Non interactive animation, slave by Bored Seal)
  • Alien Breed (slave by Mr Larmer and JOTD)
  • Alien Breed Special Edition 92
  • Alien Breed II: The Horror Continues
  • Alien Breed: Tower Assault (Includes FMV intro and outro)
  • Alien Breed 3D (Copy protection patch by Andre Kutterer)
  • Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds (Copy protection patch by Andre Kutterer, joypad patch by Psygore, this is essentially identical to the standalone release)
With the exception of Alien Breed (non Special Edition) and Alien Breed 3D II, all of these are the CD32 editions and so they should fully support the gamepad. You need a keyboard to change weapons in Alien Breed and also you need a keyboard in Alien Breed 3D II to quit back to the menu.

Like with James Pond, we've also got a Jukebox mode here. Asides from the complete Alien Breed 3D OST we've also got title music for the other three games and even the OST from the modern reboot! The complete track list:
  1. CD Data
  2. Alien Breed 3D 1 of 5 (title)-Bjørn Lynne
  3. Alien Breed 3D 2 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
  4. Alien Breed 3D 3 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
  5. Alien Breed 3D 4 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
  6. Alien Breed 3D 5 of 5-Bjørn Lynne
  7. Alien Breed Uncut Title-Allister Brimble
  8. Alien Breed II-Allister Brimble
  9. Alien Breed Tower Assault-Allister Brimble
  10. Alien Breed Trilogy OST
Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso in order to get the music.

Selection screen 

Alien Breed 3D controls screen

Alien Breed 3D II: The Killing Grounds control screen

Download (Virus checked 12th August 2015, now with menu music and saves for every level of Alien Breed 3D II)

Note: Just a little bit of trivia, Steve did do a DVD sized cover for our originally intended standalone release of Alien Breed 3D. I didn't actually finish the ISO though, but if you still want it for any reason just let me know.

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Sensible Soccer Anthology + SWOS 96'/97'

Sensible Software
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, JST by JF Fabre, slaves as outlined below
Cover: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Almost every variant of every single Sensible Soccer game for Amiga!

Four variants of Sensible World of Soccer:
  • SWOS 1.0 (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
  • SWOS 95-96 (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
  • SWOS 95-96 European Championship Edition (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
  • SWOS 96-97 (JST Slave: JF Fabre)
Three variants of Sensible Soccer:
  • Sensible Soccer 1.0 (Slave: Psygore)
  • Sensible Soccer 1.1 European Champions (Slave: Psygore)
  • Sensible Soccer 1.2 International Edition (Slave: Psygore)
Four demos and misc games:
  • Unsensible Soccer (Slave: Codetapper)
  • Sensible Soccer meets Bulldog Blighty aka England vs Germany (Slave: Codetapper)
  • Sensible World Of Moon Soccer (Slave: Psygore)
  • Sensible Train Spotting - Why the hell not! (Slave: Galahad)
  • Microprose Soccer (Slave: Stingray) (Keyboard required)
Plus a CDXL intro - I believe this is from the PC-CDROM version of SWOS '96/'97

Special thanks to EAB user El_Pasi for uploading an old JST install for SWOS, and EAB user Boo Boo for notifying me and giving me assistance with getting it to run. We were originally going to launch this anthology without the SWOS games (I couldn't get it to work in 2mb ram), so the presence of SWOS on this disc is thanks to them and JF Fabre for writing the installer.

Selection screen

CDXL intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 28th July 2015, now with Microprose Soccer rather than Train Spotting)


Given that Sensible World Of Soccer is one of the most popular games of all time, and since the 96/97 version supersedes all of the others, we figured it was worth a standalone release too. This will probably be the one and only time we're launching a standalone release and compilation simultaneously. We've also added the CDXL intro to this one.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 28th July 2015)

Friday, 26 September 2014

James Pond CD32 Collection

Vectordean / Millenium
Uses: MegaCDPlayer by Steven Ross, WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves by various authors as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The complete collection of James Pond games on Amiga!
  • James Pond, Underwater Agent (Slave: JOTD)
  • James Pond 2: Robocod CD32
  • James Pond 3: Operation Starfi5h CD32
  • The Aquatic Games (Slave: CFOU!)
We've also included all of the FMVs that came with the CD32 games, including the "Underwater Agent" cartoon that serves as a prequel to James Pond 3.

There's also a special new feature with this one that will also be included with selected future games (and probably in updates of previous games) - Jukebox mode! You can listen to the CD quality soundtrack for James Pond 2, and the Mega Drive soundtracks for James Pond 1 and 3. You should also be able to listen to these in a standard CD player.

Unfortunately I couldn't get the track title database working correctly so they're not displayed in the Jukebox. Here they are for your reference:
  1. CD Data
  2. Richard Joseph-Robocod Title (03:02:00)
  3. Richard Joseph-Underwater Operation (03:50:00)
  4. Richard Joseph-Who's Afraid of the Colourful Platform  (02:13:37)
  5. Richard Joseph-Run James, Run! (02:37:63)
  6. Richard Joseph-Christmas in Pondland (01:30:00)
  7. Richard Joseph-On Her Majesty's Bonus Items (01:11:00)
  8. Richard Joseph-The Villain and the Fish (01:43:50)
  9. James Pond 3 - Flight of the Fishes [Genesis] Music (03:54:50)
  10. James Pond 3 - The Lunar Expanse [Genesis] Music (01:57:34)
  11. James Pond 3 - Celestial Quest [Genesis] Music (03:58:06)
  12. James Pond 3 - Enclosed Skulduggery [Genesis] Music (04:31:53)
  13. James Pond 3 - The Spirit of an Angel [Genesis] Music (06:34:62)
  14. James Pond 3 - Of Haunted Places [Genesis] Music (02:41:69)
  15. James Pond 3 - Fear of the Aggressor [Genesis] Music (01:16:21)
  16. James Pond 3 - A Certain Strength [Genesis] Music (01:35:23)
  17. James Pond 3 - Solemnity in Space [Genesis] Music (03:03:21)
  18. James Pond 3 - The Greatest Glory [Genesis] Music (02:55:71)
  19. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Dangerous Cave (01:15:18)
  20. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Enemy Spy (02:40:73)
  21. James Pond - Underwater Agent - From Three Mile Island With Love (04:36:27)
  22. James Pond - Underwater Agent - License to Bubble (03:36:32)
  23. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Secret Reefs (01:48:29)
  24. James Pond - Underwater Agent - Title (02:42:52)
Make sure you burn the .cue file rather than the .iso in order to get the audio. Also note that "The Aquatic Games" has a very long initial load time, but after that it's fine.

Selection Screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015, now with select screen music)

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Giana Sisters CD32 Collection

Timewarp, Rainbow Arts, Reline, Softgold, Hironymus Jumpshoe, Retroguru
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below, Hard N Heavy hack by Earok
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

As a compliment to the standalone release, we've also done a Giana Sisters mega collection.
  • The Great Giana Sisters, Slave by Harry and Psygore.
  • Giana II: Arthur and Martha in Future World. This was a graphical hack I did based on Hard N Heavy. It is playable without a keyboard but you can't access the special powers without one. Slave by Harry.
  • Lollypop. Not really connected to the Giana Sisters other than being another Rainbow Arts platformer about a cute girl. Slave by DJ Mike and Codetapper.
  • Crazy Sue 1 & 2. Two PD platformers, again not connected to the Giana Sisters except for appearing on the "Giana Sisters Trilogy" compilation. A minor note regarding these games, it may appear as though they're not going to load, but be patient - the title screen usually takes half a minute or so to load after the CD has stopped loading. Slave by DJ Mike.
  • SQRXZ 1 & 2. Two highly polished PD platformers that were inspired by the Giana Sisters. The series is four parts in total and the later half is available for OS 4 Amigas, amongst many other platforms.
The Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams intro has been added as a bonus.

Selection Screen

CDXL Intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 30th May 2015, Now with title screen music)

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Cannon Fodder: The CD32 Collection

Sensible Software (New Campaign: Orson and Korni)
Uses: WHDLoad and all slaves by Wepl
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

Every Cannon Fodder game on Amiga!
  • Cannon Fodder (CD32 version)
  • Cannon Fodder + (Slave)
  • Cannon Soccer (Slave)
  • Cannon Fodder: New Campaign (Using CD32 engine)
  • Cannon Fodder 2 (Slave)
  • Cannon Fodder 2: The Alien Levels (Slave)
  • Not Very Festive Fodder (Slave)
  • As well as the Cannon Fodder 1 FMV intro in CDXL format
With the exception of the original game and the new campaign, all of these require a mouse. If you want to be able to play them with a gamepad I recommend looking into Kipper 2K's PSX Adapter, it features a mouse mode that works with the games perfectly.

Selection screen

CDXL intro

UPDATE: As pointed out to me in the comments below, pressing the red button would actually load the New Campaign levels! Whoops. I'm not entirely sure why that was happening but to solve the issue I switched to using the WHDLoad slaves for the CD32 version. Loading times are a little longer for Cannon Fodder and the New Campaign, but now they appear to be working correctly. Also the theme song now plays on the menu as an added bonus.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 17th August 2015)

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Bomberman CD32 Collection

Hudson, Ubisoft, Leading Edge, Kingsoft, Alpha Brothers
Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, slaves as outlined below
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

We've reached the end of our stand-alone releases - it's all collections for the rest of the month.

The Bomberman collection contains four games - none of which are actually called "Bomberman", but all of them are either a direct conversion or inspired by it:
  • Dynablaster, the official port of Bomberman. Slave by Psygore.
  • Bug Bomber, an unusual and original twist on the Bomberman idea. You'll want a keyboard to change the options for this one. Slave by Psygore.
  • Blitz Bombers, an AGA Bomberman clone that was unfortunately cancelled due to pressure from Hudson. There's full CD32 pad support in this one.
  • Master Blaster, a multiplayer only Bomberman clone with an extensive number of options. A registration key was released for free by the author, so we've put this in for you.
As a bonus we've chucked in the awesome Saturn Bomberman intro. I know the CDXL intros are sometimes a mixed bag but this is certainly one of the better ones.

Select screen
CDXL intro

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 13th August 2015. Now with title screen music and some adjustments to Dyna Blaster - it no longer uses the slave's "fake" NTSC display by default, but will switch to PAL if you have a PAL CD32 or NTSC if you have an NTSC CD32. If you want to use the mode with the "fake" NTSC display just hit Reverse at the title screen).

Monday, 22 September 2014

Football Glory

Uses: Cracks by Paradox, Loons and Earok
Cover and selection screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The very first game by the legendary Croteam (Serious Sam), Football Glory is a shameless Sensi clone that nonetheless manages to be pretty decent. The game has a quirky sense of humour too (eg the opposing team will slag you off for scoring an own-goal and occasionally there's streakers).

While the copy protection screen had already been cracked in the version I used, I had to do a couple more hacks myself in order to skip the screen entirely (otherwise you would have needed a keyboard just to get past this screen).

I'm unsure if Football Glory was ever originally intended for a CD32 release, but curiously it did receive a review in CD32 Gamer.

Asides from the AGA version of the game we've chucked in a few bonuses for good measure:
- The A500 version.
- "Five a Side Soccer", the sequel to Football Glory that was originally known as "Football Glory Indoor".
- "Football Glory Indoor AGA" preview, I'm unsure if the AGA version was ever finished (I can't find any AGA copies of Five a Side) so we've included the preview edition here.

Selection screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 28th May 2015, now with select screen music)

Sunday, 21 September 2014


Fields of Vision / Power Computing Limited
Uses: Joy2Key2 by Lorence Lombardo, nvfile by Earok
Cover and control screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

The third and last of our AGA first person shooters (except for ones included in compilations etc), Breathless is one of the more impressive attempts to bring a Doom-like experience to the Amiga.

The game is a little clunky on the default display setting and silky smooth on the smallest - you'll want to experiment until you find a happy medium. Of course you'll get a much better experience if you play on an expanded CD32.

Keyboard is not required but definitely recommended, the game relies on a password-save system and you may find our joypad setup difficult to manage (a second controller is needed to change weapons etc, also you might find the keyboard to be more responsive).

For the sake of completeness, we've chucked in the demo too, featuring an exclusive (but really hard!) level.

Control screen

25th October 2014 UPDATE! Version 1.1 contains the following fixes and features:
  • You can now get past "yes/no" prompt on joypad alone (thanks iXien)
  • Uses version 1.1 of the Breathless engine, with framerate increases and other fixes
  • The ability to save the game! If you quit the game through the main menu, you'll be notified if your current progress in the game has saved successfully. 11 free blocks of NVRAM required for this feature.
You can also save your configuration (resolution etc) but you must choose "save configuration" in the "game options" menu and then quit.

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked 28th May 2015, now with title screen music)

Saturday, 20 September 2014


Uses: WHDLoad by Wepl, Slaves by Psygore (Full game, demos)
Cover and control screen: Steve
ISO Master: Earok

A stunningly rendered platformer with great gameplay to boot.

This is yet another conversion of ours based on WHDLoad slaves by Psygore. Even though the game was already perfectly playable with a regular gamepad, Psygore has gone out of his way to add extra controls - you can now swing your sword left, right or up with a single button press rather than holding down fire and direction.

We've also chucked in both magazine demos (also using the same control scheme) for completeness.

UPDATE 1.1 (22 Sep 2014) We've included an option to use the WHDLoad slave's "Cheat Mode", which gives you infinite lives and the ability to skip levels.

Controls screen

DOWNLOAD (Virus checked June 3rd 2015, now includes title screen music)